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Friday, November 7, 2014

Interstellar (film critique ) By Cesar Reyes

It's's really really complicated. If you go to watch this movie for the special affects your gonna be disappointed, because they're not all that compelling. But the story has many layers to it. If you go to watch interstellar go with an open mind that is prepared to think in terms of everything and anything being possible. The message is such that it makes you question EVERYTHING, the universe, time, space , and most importantly our humanity. Maybe it sounds like kind of a stretch, but this movie will give you food for thought. The movie is almost 3 hours long and it takes them a while to get into space, so if your not into movies that don't directly get to the point right away, and that have a few areas that still may not be clear to you by the end, then I reccomend that you don't watch this movie. But if you have a mind that is as open minded as the Universe its self, and always leaves room for the mysteries and wonders of life and the universe, then I reccomend you go see Interstellar .

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"My View" Pope Francis comments on The Big Bang Theory and God. By Cesar Reyes

All Pope Francis is really saying is that the Big Bang theory and genesis are really the same story told in different terms. That the way that God is depicted sometimes by some people runs the risk of portraying our Holy father, the father of Jesus Christ our lord as some kind of wizard waving a wand . When in actuality God is far greater than what the human mind can begin to understand . He's not the first person of faith who I have heard this from, he's also not the first priest who I've heard this from. We are but a mustard seed in Gods garden . Think of the Big Bang  theory as Gods seed and God has a very big Garden.

Friday, October 3, 2014

"Gone Girl" (film critique) By Cesar Reyes Torres

If you pretend to be a nice guy, just so people can think of you as a nice guy then your an asshole. Ben Afleck comes off as just that in this movie. This movie is a psychological roller coaster and it has so many twists that I can't even talk about. Not because I don't wanna ruin the film , but because there is so many aspects to the film, that I could not explain just one of them out of context and have it make sense. I will say that there are many moments when you think you have the film figured out but you dont. This is one of those movies where you really want to pay attention, there is nothing coincidental about "Gone Girl". There is nothing cliche about this movie either. If your looking for an intelligent grown up movie to watch, go watch "Gone Girl". If you want to just be spoon fed action packed explosions with pointless one liners for dialogue, I'm sure you can find something on netflix. But this movie is definitely the kind of movie that if you getup and go the restroom during the film, then there are some very big plot twists that you will miss. I'm glad I saw this film. It was a good movie, and it convinces you that not everything is as it appears to be.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Life Lesson By Cesar Reyes Torres

So I was at my Godsons 1st birthday yesterday. I was eating Tacos with my uncle. I overheard him telling my mom that if he had to live his life over again he would have tried to have more joy in his life, he would have tried to be happier and enjoy things more. It's interesting seeing my Godson turn 1, and talking to my uncle who's in his late 50s.  Hearing him say that, is a life lesson that I can give to my Godson. You gotta just take advantage of life and everything it has to offer. To the extent possible worry less about things, at the end of it all and whether you believe in the afterlife or not your worries about bills, property, possessions, jobs, exams, medical conditions, credit scores, degrees , insecurities and vulnerabilities , will not follow you. You gotta just take advantage of life and everything it has to offer, enjoy being with your family even if they can be all up in your business sometimes , for the most part it only means they care. God gave you this life to live it, so enjoy it, we only get one stop on this crazy roller coaster ride God put us on. So make the best if it, and hopefully when it's all over you'll have more than just 1 memory at the end of it all #lifelessons

Friday, March 28, 2014

Noah Movie (film critique) By Cesar Reyes Torres

They could have done so much with this movie, but instead they made a failed attempt to tell one of the greatest and most well known stories of the bible. Noah ( Russell Crow) comes off as a serial killer. The so called fallen angels AKA "the watchers" look like a cross between a transformer and and a crumbling boulder. Even the intro/beginning of the movie looked lame, there is truely NOTHING inspiring or spiritual about the movie NOAH. The only part i enjoyed was the way the book of genesis was retold, because it was as I pictured it in my mind. Aside from that, I do not reccomend this movie at all. It is by NO means a family film, there is nothing biblically inspiring about it. And it's what happens when you get a group of non believers and combine them with Hollywood. You get a movie that mocks the bible and is an insult to people of faith everywhere, as well as an insult to the Biblical story of Noah.