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Monday, April 30, 2012

10 Things Women Do that Annoy Men. By Cesar Reyes Torres

#1 when you make us choose between friends or yourself. Good chance the guy picks you, but that's a messed choice to give us.
#2 when women say they'll be ready in 10 minutes, its never ever been 10 minutes
#3 when you ask them what's wrong and they say "I'm fine". It depends on how they say it but most likely their not fine.
#4 when they try to give you directions while your driving, and even though you know their wrong, they keep telling you, and even though you get to where you wanted, she still says she was right.
#5 when they just expect you to know what's getting on there nerves. You can't even ask sometimes, its like you gotta take notes when your with them to review for later.
#6 when they know something is wrong and they trust that you'll figure it out. Men are simple creatures, and sometimes you just gotta let us know stuff.
#7 when they get jealous for everything. Sometimes it can be cute to have a girl be jealous, but when she starts getting on your case cuz you were talking to your own girl cousins, now that's just sick minded.
#8 when they choose the worst posible time to want to talk to you about something, like when your watching a ball game or a movie and its just about to get to the good part.
#9 when they talk about there ex bf. Unless their gonna tell us about how much of a loser their ex is and how their much happier with you. Then we really don't wanna know or hear about it.
#10 when they start an argument for no reason. You might just be sitting down eating a bag of chips, and next thing you know your arguing, and your like WTH just happend.

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