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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Way Forward. By Cesar Reyes Torres

 -The never ending wealth that comes from 
guns and funeral wakes.
-I can't help but think the world would be a better place 
if it had more hugs and handshakes.
-Treating people with respect in hopes they'll do the same.
-Trying to deal with life's tragedies 
without assigning any blame.

-Our prayers seem at odds with our actions, 
but still we pray for the Lord to understand.
-That the world is unforgiving, it's cold, full of hate, 
but there are those amongst it who do the best they can.
-How much is enough anyway, 
and at what point can a man claim a victory over sin.
-How far in life must we go, 
to be able to have the long-sought 
after piece that flows within?

-Sometimes I cry, even if the tears don't fall
-They keep telling me to pray, 
but I honestly wish Jesus just had a number I could call
-I still keep my faith in silence; 
I don't even bother asking for a sign 
-Because the Lord works in mysterious ways, 
and I know he's aware of the struggles I call mine

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